About Us

We are situated on a large property, in a quiet grove very close to Upper Hutt CBD and only 2 minutes away from River Road.

The cattery was the property of Shirley and Neville Copeland for more than 30 years, and originally it had only six runs.

It is now owner-operated by Marion Bayne and her son David, who have extended it, so that we can offer the same accommodation that has been enjoyed by many families for more than 30 years, to more cats.

Marion has also had more than 10 years experience as a vet nurse.

Each individual unit is very spacious; floor to ceiling in height, 1 metre wide and 2 metres long. There is a shelf on the back wall which has a sleeping box and space for your cat to sit and view the wide open spaces of the garden outside. All sleeping boxes have heat pads for the cooler months.

Overnight, long or short term stays are all welcome.

We cater for all cats especially those who are elderly or have special needs, but please note that we are unable to care for diabetic cats.

We have easy access and plenty of off street parking.

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Cattery after extension completed October 2011

Original Cattery before new extension