Paradise Cattery opened in March 2011 and is centrally located in Upper Hutt only 2 minutes away from River Road.

We understand the need for your family pets to have lots of pats and cuddles as well as plenty of space to lounge around in while soaking up some sun. With this in mind, Paradise Cattery has been set up to give your cat the maximum comfort and pampering to which all cats are entitled.

The small size of the cattery enables us to give all our holiday makers individual attention. There are no communal runs, but two or three cats from the same family can occupy one run if desired.

Each unit is very spacious; floor to ceiling in height, 1 metre wide and 2 metres long. There is a shelf on the back wall which has a sleeping box and space for your cat to sit and view the wide open spaces of the garden outside. All sleeping boxes have heat pads for the cooler months.

Inspection Is Most Welcome And In Fact We Would Encourage You To Do So.

We aim to give your family member as a relaxing and stress free holiday as you will be looking forward to. If you are going away for other reasons, at least your cat will have had a good rest!

Thank you for spending time veiwing our website,

Marion, David

And the cats Bruce and Mountie (pictured above)