Terms and conditions

Please note: Your pet MUST be currently vaccinated with the latest vaccination given at least 10 days prior to your booking.  You will need to bring your vaccination certificate with you when you being your cat/s in.

Please note: All cats 5 months and older need to be desexed before being able to stay with us.

We give the best possible care and comfort to your family member, but we cannot be responsible if anything happens to your cat/s while staying with us. In the case of sickness, disease or accident, we will, if required, seek veterinary treatment preferably with your family vet otherwise with our vet who will consult with your vet if needed. Any veterinary services will be at your expense to be paid directly to the vet who provided the care or to us when collecting your pet.

In case of emergency, we can contact you if required.

If your cat/s require a special diet, you will need to provide enough food for the duration of the stay. There will not be any discount in this situation. We feed our visitors Iams dry cat food and Whiskers or Chef wet food. You are most welcome to provide your own food if your cat has other preferences.

You are required to notify us if your cat is a carrier of any disease (eg snuffles, feline aides) before you drop your family member off and we reserve the right to refuse to board your pet. Please note that we are unable to care for diabetic cats.

All costs to be paid in full when dropping your cat off. Payment is to be made by cash or internet banking (payment to show in our account on the day you come in, so payment may need to be made 1-2 days beforehand).

We reserve the right to charge a non-refundable deposit prior to confirming a booking.

In the event you pick your cat up earlier than the original date, we reserve the right to charge for the full number of days your cat is booked in for.

The daily rate includes the day your cat comes in as well as the day he/she goes home. This rate can change without notice, but the price quoted for a confirmed booking will be honoured at all times.